Coaching Packages

                     Aenzi is accepting new clients!

Interested in a career coach? You're in luck--it's easy to add an Aenzi LLC coach to your team. Call or email us to start the conversation. We'll be happy to set up an informational meeting that aligns your goals with our services. 

Do you no longer find your job rewarding, but you're not sure what career would be better?
Are you a recent college graduate lacking clarity of what to do now?
Does your career have you feeling trapped?Would you like to again feel passionate about your career?

​We do not provide staffing or recruiting services. Instead, we'll examine your interests,  talents, dreams, and your goals for the future.  Then, identify the barriers that currently prevent you from attaining your goals, and support you in creating new behaviors to overcome them. Whether you're an established professional already part of a specific industry or field, or a recent college graduate just beginning your career search, Aenzi LLC can help you identify the perfect career for you. 
​The truth is that you don't have to settle for less, staying in a job that is not ideal for where you are now. We can help you create your own path to a career you both desire and deserve. Let's work together to define where you are now, where you want to be, and what steps you need to take to have a job that is satisfying, rewarding, and enjoyable! We'll help you gain clarity, self-confidence, and the knowledge to succeed in the career of your dreams.We offer the following services:                                                                

Career Coaching
Executive Coaching
Communication Coaching
Job Interview
Coaching Team
Effectiveness Coaching

Coaching Sessions

Jump Start Session
​This is a 90 minute session in which we get to the root of your professional goals. If you are trapped in your current situation and just need some help fleshing out your goals and some direction about how you might begin your path, this is the ideal solution.Keep in mind that this is not a complete professional transition consultation due to time constraints.

Build Your Own Path
If you're looking for more in-depth assistance and custom-designed plans, we suggest the Build Your Own Path program. This is an all-inclusive program in which you discover your perfect career, generate your evolution arrangement, and learn how to achieve it.
Level One:Includes three 50 minute sessions per month and fees range from $125 per session.
Level Two:Includes three 50 minute sessions per month plus email access to your coach between sessions.  Fees range from $150 per session.