Theories of Industrial/ Organizational Psychology

                    EPPP Psychology Review Webinars

Webinar Workshop Description

The Theories of Industrial/Organizational Psychology course is designed to support individuals preparing for the EPPP licensing exam. It provides an opportunity for learners to incorporate a structured review of I/O psychology topics into their study regime.

  • Work Motivation and Attitudes
  • Performance Measurement and Rewards
  • Employee Selection
  • Leadership

  • Occupational Health and Safety

  • Organizational Development and Change Management

Technology Requirement: Internet access

​Length: 2 hours

Upcoming 2017 Webinar Dates: 

  • April 30  (Sunday) 11am -1PM Eastern - via live online webinar 
  • May 20 (Saturday) 11am -1PM Eastern - via live online webinar  
  • ​June  25 (Sunday)  11am -1PM Eastern - via live online webinar 

Price:$62.50  Sale: 49.99