Career Development for Legal Professionals 

Aenzi LLC takes pride in helping people in the legal profession (i.e.,attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, mediators, and others) succeed. Unlike Human Resources departments inside of law firms, government agencies and  companies, you will have a certified HR professional who works only for you.  

You deserve a place that will confidentially provide you with supportive services to help you succeed. We provide the following:

  • Career Coaching: Whether you are seeking to improve your performance or a non-judgmental place to express your emotion, this service is here to support you. 

  • Job Interview Practice (mock interview): This service is designed to help people in the legal profession (i.e.,attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, mediators, and others) build their confidence to master interviewing. 

  • Career Interests inventory: Are you seeking a career change? Would you like to learn something new about yourself? This service provides you with data to make an informed decision about your interest. 

To accommodate the schedules of our client's busy schedules, these service are available after 5 pm Eastern and weekends. 

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